wookie at ss3 malaysia


banyak yg mw d post’..

knapa malah error??? -___-

utang dulu ya kawan2…



Photo Credits:as tagged+@myhaengbok+@honey_mallow+MyKRY+Monkey-fish.cn+@ashley930824+ 朝花希拾-金希澈的时光记忆. (heehouse.com) | Photo by: 盼盼+t.sina.com.cn/haepanda+@teukiebiased+@Mukkys+@sasapi+MyBabyCloud+ (tinny1209.pixnet.net/blog)+SUPERKYUHYUN.com+7ACE.net+imaaan @ tumblr+gengoddess.tumblr.com+ SJia13+@HAE_GIRLS+t.sina.com.cn/chazai+@maya21ne+@MyHyukkie+@SJia13+@didy1013+@ELin_SJ+@didy luv+@SeptiPrimsElf+@BelievableHome+@didy&t.sina.com.cn/venlyn1002+@Elin_SJ&t.sina.com.cn/asuraxia+@Maya&t.sina.com.cn/asuraxia

Reupload by hitamyu+lalaland+Excentrique+★яєιℓα+why i like U @ sj-world.net


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